søndag 22. februar 2015

Purple hair

Vintage jacket// Vintage culottes// Vintage shirt// Secondlove fur

Out and about with my new hair color - Cecilie at Skostredet frisør worked her magic again. Purple seemed like the perfect transition from blue! 

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund

tirsdag 17. februar 2015

Vintage Goldworm dress and scarf

Vintage Goldworm dress and scarf// Vintage jacket// Russel and Bromley moccasins

I have this serious obsession with Goldworm pieces. Goldworm is a knitwear brand started in 1928, and they produced designs up to the 1980's in the US. It's really fun locating all the good stuff!

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund

søndag 15. februar 2015

Mongolian fur collar

Vintage mongolian fur collar from Secondlove// Vintage earpieces from Rocking Chair Berlin

Out and about shooting with Karianne. This mongolian fur collar is one of my favourite accessories, and went surprisingly well with my blue hair!

Pics by Karianne Drage

onsdag 11. februar 2015


FWSS wool sweater// H&M full cotton skirt// Vintage Mongolian fur coat// Aldo sneakers

There is something about all white...Eventhough it's not classified as a color - I think it has a striking effect.

lørdag 7. februar 2015

The making of Chanel

Beautiful colors and materials - dreaming away.

tirsdag 3. februar 2015


Aldo Sneakers// Thrifted pleated skirt// Secondlove fur// First of August Debbie backpack

Purple is quite a match with blue, but I didn't think that coral could be too. I realised the other day that I've become addicted to white. It's something about the way an all white outfit stands out - without being a flashy color.

Pics by Karianne Drage

lørdag 31. januar 2015

New in: Simone Rocha Gold leather brogues

Gold leather brogues by Simone Rocha

I've never been more excited! Look at these beauties! I've had her plexiglass heeled creations on my bucket list for ages. Finally!

onsdag 28. januar 2015

It's here!

I've ordered something absolutely awesome from Simone Rocha, one of my favourite designers. A sales bargain I never thought I would discover! I'll reveal what it is this weekend!

xxx Iben

mandag 26. januar 2015

How to make a coral makeup look

I created a coral look today with my beautiful new Inglot palette, I love being able to experiment with strong colors when it comes to makeup as well. 

Check out the tutorial I made above! And I'm sorry about the clicking noises, it's my auto-focus - which is broken.

fredag 23. januar 2015

Blue gradient haircolor

Haircut and color by Skostredet Frisør

I got this amazing color at Skostredet Frisør. I'm madly in love , and there were many other colors to choose from on the chart! Ask for Cecilie, and you're guaranteed to look swell!

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